BBinSync — The Story

For years employees of large firms have loved their BlackBerries, particularly because they could stay in sync with their office PC or Laptop. When they sent an email from one, the other machine was also updated; and if they added an appointment whilst they were out and about it showed up on their office PC calendar.

But to do this required expensive servers. Many BlackBerry users in small firms, or who were freelancers, did not have this option. They still loved their BlackBerry but they weren’t getting the most out of it.

So some specialist firms started to offer 'synchronisation' services to smaller users. But often these were relatively expensive (£30+/ month) and were a hassle to set-up. For example, you had to move your email account to the specialist firm also and install fiddly software.

simple and cost-effective synchronisation

Just download and install and you too can always be in sync!

The Tech

Microsoft has a technology called Exchange server which allows the email, calendar, and contacts on your PC to be continuously synchronised with a central server. They then added ActiveSync to enable this data to be synchronised with a Windows CE mobile. But what if you didn't have one? BBinSync allows non-Windows CE users to benefit from the ActiveSync protocol.

The Deal

Download a simple application direct to your Blackberry — install it and off you go — it’s that easy to enjoy the benefits of always being in sync!

  • Emails stay in sync — if you delete on your phone it will delete on your PC too.
  • Your calendar stays in sync — appointments made on one device will also appear on the other — never miss another meeting!
  • Your contacts stay in sync — no more remembering to re-type contacts you met.
  • Your data is more secure — if you lose your phone you don’t lose your data.
  • Be more productive!
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The Costs

Here’s the best bit — the software is free to try for 30 days. After that it’s just £50 for a year. Yes, that’s right — not £50 a month, £50 for a year*.

We’re launching the application in the next few weeks with our exclusive 30-Day Free Trial (no obligation) offer. Simply enter your email address and we’ll mail you when we’re ready to go.

We look forward to being in touch (we guarantee that we won’t ever sell your address to anyone else).

*You may spend a bit more on data charges with your mobile phone provider as you’re transferring more information, but this should not be a big increase.

The Requirements

You need to be using Microsoft Exchange Version 2003 and above with ActiveSync enabled and Microsoft Outlook 2003 or above. But to be honest that’s most people using MS Exchange — the odds are you will be supported if you use already use Exchange and Outlook for your email.

What if I don’t use MS Exchange? There are two easy options. Simply ask your existing provider if you can upgrade, or visit our recommended partner.

What if I don’t know? Easy, just ask your email provider. If you are using Outlook you may well be.

Mac user? The latest Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition is supported.

Windows Compatible Apple Mac Compatible